Customized LED aluminium profiles

Empreo-lab provides services of design and production of customized LED profiles on a special order for individual lighting projects. We are able to develop completely new custom aluminium LED profile and diffuser or modify standard one chosen from our range products. We also make various accessories, i.e. brackets or end caps. We will manufacture and deliver custom linear fixture for LED strip according to your request. Whole production takes place in Europe, using high quality materials and finishes.


Customized LED linear lighting Empreo-lab


We manufacture a customized LED luminaire according to your idea, sketch, drawing. We visualize the project. This design of customized linear lighting is exclusively your property. Before series production we can provide a prototypes or samples of this custom aluminum profiles and LED diffusers at low cost. We also offer custom made aluminium extrusions for projects other than lighting.


Customized LED lighting with aluminium profiles Empreo-lab


We will present the LED customized aluminium profile and its capabilities before starting production. We will do the ray-tracing of the LED fixture and provide all required technical data sheets, photometric reports, IES and EULUMDAT files. We visualize the product, provide  graphics and 3D CAD model. We invest in knowledge and innovation and believe that these are key factors to grow and develop. That is way we decide to offer custom made LED aluminium extrusions. We are aware that the best ideas doesn’t come from the office desk but from actual field of work. 


Custom linear luminaire candela plot Empreo-lab


If you looking for open minded manufacturer who will not only design, produce and deliver a customized linear lighting based on your concept, but also will help you develop and improve this custom LED luminaire – you are in a right place. We are able to cut for custom sizes, perform CNC machining, paint or bend (if possible) profiles ordered with us. We encourage you to contact us on



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